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If you haven’t found a position that matches your profile, don’t worry! Natixis in Portugal keeps growing and there are always new projects around the corner.


Our solid Learning and Development Culture allow us to help you convert onto a different path. If you already have language skills, we can provide you with the technical ones.

I'm into Business Analytics and Business Intelligence

Become the vital bridge between IT and Banking teams. If your background is on one of the sides, we’ll teach you all about the other.
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I'm into Conversion STEM to IT

If you already have math skills and have dabbled in programming, we have a path you can take to solidify your IT skills.
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I'm into Conversion to Banking

If the field of Banking and Finance sparks your curiosity and you’re looking for an opportunity to develop yourself, look no further. You’ll be able to learn skills on-the-job to launch your career on a new path.
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I'm into Support Functions

If you would like to explore a role in HR, Communication or Facilities and become a hero in what keeps a company alive, from the backstage, this is just for you.
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  1. Online Application
    Fill in the application form from Adecco, most aligned with your background and interests. We’ll reach out to you soon.
  2. Screening
    Natixis calling! How motivated are you to join us? Tell us everything.
  1. Assessment Day
    During this day, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know us, participate in a virtual guided tour around our office and go through a series of activities: an individual intro, group dynamics and a speed interview.
  2. Feedback
    We’ve no doubt you’ve given your absolute best! Relax, we won’t take too long.
  3. Onboarding
    Congratulations! You did it. Time to enjoy your journey at Natixis in Portugal. If you’re curious but anything might seem unclear, feel free to drop by one of our Live Q&A Sessions or Warm-up Sessions.
Get to know our brains
  • #1 Meet the Go-Beyonders
  • #2 Meet the Go-Beyonders
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#1 Meet the Go-Beyonders
#2 Meet the Go-Beyonders

If you’re curious about Grow Beyond trainee program and there are details that aren’t 100% clear yet, then this is your shot! During these lives, besides people from our HR Team, with an inside view of the recruitment process, you’ll be able to meet junior Go-Beyonders, who have undergone the same process and can share their experience in a relatable way. Feel free to drop by at any time!